Business plan development and assessment

Business plans are developed for different purposes: for personal use or for governmental bodies – ministries and institutions, for attracting the financial resources from banks and funds, for obtaining the concessions and subsidies, to find partners or sponsors, etc. purposes might be different, but there is no doubt that you need to properly understand every step of your project to implement it.

The source of financing, expenses scheduled in accordance with the implementation periods of the project, expected income, payback period, pricing policies, the competitors analysis and analysis of the own competitive advantages, target audience, peculiarities of work in the field and other important components of the business plan.

For more than 7 years we develop business plans for the projects that are implemented on the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Addressing to the Development Corporation for a business plan the Investor gets additional services, which help accelerate, make easier and increase the probability of a positive decision:

  • Prepare a package of project documents for banks, financing organizations, founders, etc.
  • Develop the business plan in accordance with the requirements of the organization its meant for
  • Send the business plan to the relevant institution
  • Act for your company on the stage of business plan evaluation at the institution