Company assets tax allowance

Those investors are exempted from tax who implement a priority investment project and made capital investments in production facilities (fixed assets) used exclusively for the production of goods, execution of works, provision of services on the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan for sale to third parties.

Tax exemption applies to the assets that have been newly created and (or) acquired during the first 3 years of the project (during the first 5 years if the level of investments is more than 5000 million rubles), since the beginning of the year (taxable period) following the year in which the capital investments reached the level that gives the right to tax exemption:

from 100 to 1500
million rubles inclusive – for 3 taxable periods
1500 up to 5000
million rubles inclusive – for 5 taxable periods;
more than 5000
million rubles – for 10 taxable periods;

From 10 million rubles up to 1500 million inclusive to the investors implementing a priority investment project within the territories included in comprehensive programme of social and economic development of municipalities of the Republic of Bashkortostan - for 3 taxable periods.