Phosphoric acid will be produced in Bashkortostan


Under the supervision of the Development Corporation, the members of the Investment Committee were presented with a project for the construction of a plant for the production of pure and technical phosphoric acid, phosphoric fertilizers and agromeliorants.

The initiator of the investment project is the Bashkir Phosphate Company, which intends to localize production in the Meleuzovsky district. The total declared investment in the project will amount to about two billion rubles. The planned number of new jobs is 150. According to the investor, the new production of chemical products is necessary to increase the efficiency of agricultural production and reduce dependence on imports of pure grades of phosphoric acid in Russia.

From the very beginning, the investment project is accompanied by the Development Corporation. Our specialists selected the site, received positive approvals on the possibility of implementing the project from the authorized regional executive authorities of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Administration of the Meleuzovsky district, worked with resource-supplying organizations on the issues of bringing engineering networks. In cooperation with business sheriff Albert Taymasov, work was carried out on the formation of a land plot with the necessary characteristics for the implementation of the investment project. The Development Corporation has also prepared a package of documents for the presentation of the project to the Head of Bashkortostan in order to include the project in the List of priority investment projects of Bashkortostan and receive state support measures.

Following the review, the investment committee approved the implementation of the project and its inclusion in the Priority List.