Investors were offered to open a production of shoes for winter sports in Bashkortostan


The Development Corporation of the Republic of Bashkortostan has presented a new investment proposal for investors interested in locating production in Bashkortostan. His concept involves the creation of a factory for the production of shoes for winter sports in the Ishimbai district. According to the calculations presented in the proposal, the project budget will amount to 352.21 million rubles, 50 new jobs will be created at the enterprise.

The development of this investment proposal is conditioned by the need to increase the volume of Russian mass production of shoes for winter sports, since residents of Russia are the main consumers of products intended for skiing. The company is proposed to be localized in the territory of the special economic zone "Alga". By placing production on the territory of the SEZ "Alga", the investor will be able to take advantage of tax benefits and customs preferences that are guaranteed to residents of the SEZ at the state level, "said Nail Gabbasov, Director General of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Together with the elaborated concept, the business case contains financial and economic indicators that display detailed information about the effectiveness of the project. In addition, information is provided about partners who in the future can supply raw materials for production and options for the sale of finished products.

If you are interested in a business proposal, our specialists will provide comprehensive support, as well as calculate costs based on individual requirements and parameters, Nail Gabbasov added.

You can get acquainted with the investment offer on the website in the section href="">«Бизнес-кейсы» .