The Bashkortostan Development Corporation named the most popular areas for investment


The Development Corporation of the Republic of Bashkortostan named industry, agriculture, tourism and roadside services as the most popular areas for investment. This was discussed at a meeting of Deputy Director for Investor Relations Adele Makarova with students of the Ufa University of Science and Technology. The speaker also told the participants about the support of investment projects in the "one window" format, requirements for investment projects in Bashkortostan, support measures that investors in preferential zones of the region can count on.

Nail Gabbasov, Director General of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Bashkortostan, commented on the meeting.

Holding such events is very important. So we have the opportunity to talk about the opportunities that are provided to investors in Bashkortostan, because some of the students may choose the path of creating their own business in the future, Nail Gabbasov noted. During the meeting, there was a keen interest in our work, as well as in the tools that we use in the process of attracting investments. The students were particularly attracted by business cases with a well-thought-out concept, detailed financial and economic indicators, a selected platform and proposed support measures.

Adel Makarova drew attention to the fact that in the Development Corporation, each investor is assigned a personal project manager who helps in solving all emerging issues, as well as in interaction with authorities and resource supply organizations.

Our task is to simplify the investor's path as much as possible and free him from a number of operational issues. That is why we assign a specific manager to each project, who is in touch with the investor 24/7, Nail Gabbasov added.