In Bashkortostan, the projects of two investors are included in the List of priorities


Two initiatives of investors implementing their projects in Bashkortostan are included in the List of priority investment projects in the region. One of them is the project of expanding the import-substituting production of rehabilitation complexes "Robotek-Lab", initiated by the company "ViCyAn" with an investment volume of about 56 million rubles with the creation of 19 jobs. The second is a project to create a factory for the production of vibropressed concrete products from the company "Cubic Meter". The volume of investments in it is 300 million rubles with the creation of 50 jobs. Both initiatives were previously presented to the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Radiy Khabirov, as part of the "Invest Hour".

These projects are supported by the Regional Development Corporation. The progress of their implementation was commented on by the Director General of the department Nail Gabbasov.

– Investors are actively going to fulfill their tasks, and we are trying to assist them in all matters. For example, the company "Cubic Meter" contacted us in early September, and today their project has already passed one of the most important stages. The project of the company "Vicyan" has also been accepted for support this year, and now the investor is ready to proceed to its direct implementation, Nail Gabbasov said. I would like to note that one of the main measures to support a priority investment project is the provision of a land plot for rent without bidding. Thus, investors will soon be able to start work on their sites.

The company "ViCyAn" plans to launch production in Ufa in 2025, and "Cubic meter" - in 2027 in the city of Oktyabrsky. As part of the support of investment projects for each investor, the specialists of the Development Corporation selected land plots for the placement of production facilities, and also prepared documents for their inclusion in the List of priority investment projects of Bashkortostan. Project support will continue until the enterprises are put into operation.

For reference: The inclusion of the project in the List of priority investment projects of Bashkortostan makes it possible to implement the initiative with the use of special tax benefits and a wide range of preferences from the state.