In Bashkortostan, entrepreneurs were offered to invest in the creation of private boarding houses for the elderly


Bashkortostan Development Corporation has developed two new business proposals for investors, involving the creation of boarding houses for the elderly. The first case is proposed to be implemented in the Duvan district, investing 30.1 million rubles in the project with the creation of 20 jobs. Two sites in the city of Kumertau have been selected for the second offer. The total budget is 120.5 million rubles with the creation of 40 new jobs.

- The main purpose of the business proposals is to attract investors to create conditions for high-quality care for elderly people who need help due to the loss of the ability to take care of themselves, - said Nail Gabbasov, General Director of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Bashkortostan. According to the concept, the boarding house in Kumertau will include two sites with a capacity of 75 and 25 beds. In the Duvan district, it is planned to equip 30 beds in the institution. Guests will be offered various wellness treatments, individual care programs, four meals a day, as well as organized leisure rooms.

The presented business proposals, in addition to the concept, contain financial and economic indicators reflecting the amount of revenue from the services provided, as well as the timing of implementation and payback of projects. In addition, potential investors can get acquainted with the proposed measures of state support, including exemption from income tax, the possibility of obtaining preferential loan financing and the provision of fixed assets by the fund to the SME subject on preferential terms.

You can get acquainted with the investment proposals presented on the website of the Development Corporation in the section «Business cases». There are also other ready-made solutions for the implementation of projects in various fields of the economy.