A plant for deep processing of peas will be built in Neftekamsk


The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation has included INGFOOD LLC in the register of residents of the territory of advanced social and economic development of Neftekamsk of Bashkortostan. The company intends to build a plant for deep processing of peas. To implement the investment project, the company will be able to take advantage of the benefits provided for residents of TOSER.

This project is aimed at import substitution of products and ingredients of deep processing of agricultural products used by manufacturers of food products, feed additives. The total cost of the project will be 4.9 billion rubles. More than 100 jobs will be created at the new enterprise, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Belarus Rustam Muratov, Minister of Economic Development and Investment Policy of the Republic of Belarus, said.

The main areas of production activity of the new enterprise will be the production of pea protein, starch, dietary fiber and their derivatives. It is planned to supply products to enterprises in Central Russia and the Urals, in the future – export products to China.

The project is supported by the Bashkortostan Development Corporation. In addition to regular consulting assistance, the managers of the Development Corporation assisted the investor in the preparation of documentation for his registration as a resident of TOSER and obtaining state support measures.

- Investors note that they choose our republic, primarily because of the proposed support measures that operate in the region. In addition, INGFOOD is interested in stable raw materials from Bashkir farmers, and the deployment of future production is very convenient from a logistical point of view," explained Nail Gabbasov, General Director of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The terms of implementation of the investment project 2022 – 2028. Production is planned to be launched in the second half of 2023. The output of the enterprise to its design capacity is 2027.

For reference:

The city of Neftekamsk is a single-industry municipality. The city-forming enterprise – PJSC «Neftekamsk Automobile Plant ». TOSER was established within the boundaries of the single-industry town of Neftekamsk on February 12, 2019. Now there are 21 residents registered there. In total, there are 5 territories of advanced socio-economic development in the Republic of Bashkortostan: Belebey, Kumertau, Blagoveshchensk, Neftekamsk and Beloretsk. For residents of TOSER, there are standard income tax benefits. During the first five years, the federal part is completely reset, the regional part is 5%, in the next five years the rate at the regional level is 10%. A reduced coefficient is provided for the rental of state property - 0.01. Municipalities have established zero interest rates on land tax.

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